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Statement from Aereo on Supreme Court challenge: 'We remain unwavering in our confidence that Aereo's technology falls squarely within the law and our team will continue to work hard to provide our consumers with best-in-class technology that delights and adds meaningful value to their lives' - via @brianstelter

Statement from CBS on Aereo Supreme Court challenge: 'We believe that Aereo's business model, and similar offerings that operate on the same principle, are built on stealing the creative content of others. We are pleased that our case will be heard and we look forward to having our day in court' - via @brianstelter

Statement from PBS, Univision and Fox on Aereo Supreme Court challenge: 'We are confident the Court will recognize that this has never been about stifling new video distribution technologies, but has always been about stopping a copyright violator who redistributes television programming without permission or compensation' - via @brianstelter